"The AI Chronicles" Podcast

AI News from Week 20 - (15.05.2023 to 21.05.2023)

May 21, 2023 GPT-5
"The AI Chronicles" Podcast
AI News from Week 20 - (15.05.2023 to 21.05.2023)
Show Notes

The podcast provides an overview of AI news from Week 20, covering various topics and updates. Here is a comprehensive summary of the key points:

ChatGPT Plus Update: OpenAI's ChatGPT announced web browsing and plugin features for ChatGPT Plus users. The browsing function is still in beta and may have occasional performance issues.

Wolfram Plugin: Among the available plugins, the Wolfram plugin stands out for its complex calculations and real-time data capabilities.

Senate Hearing on AI Regulation: The hearing featured industry leaders discussing the need for government intervention in regulating AI. It also addressed concerns about AI's impact on jobs and elections.

ChatGPT App Launch: OpenAI released the official ChatGPT app for iPhone users, expanding access to their AI technology. However, it's currently only available in the United States and exclusively for iPhone devices.

Google Collab and Generative Coding: Google Collab integrated generative coding into its platform, providing coding assistance to users. The feature will be rolled out gradually, with paid users receiving priority access.

Sanctuary AI's Phoenix Robot: Sanctuary AI showcased their humanoid walking robot, Phoenix, capable of performing various tasks. The robot exhibits advanced capabilities in walking, jumping, object handling, and computer vision.

Controversial AI Incident: A Texas A&M professor failed an entire class of seniors, claiming they used ChatGPT to write their essays. However, the professor's method of identifying AI-generated content was unreliable.

Upcoming AI Events and Releases: Kyber and Leonardo AI are set to launch their text-to-video AI and image generation pipeline, respectively. Microsoft's annual Build event is also scheduled, where major AI-related announcements are expected.

In summary, the article highlights OpenAI's ChatGPT updates, AI regulation discussions, the release of the ChatGPT app, advancements in generative coding and robotics, and upcoming AI events and releases.

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